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New System On Module (SOM) Technology Implantable in Any Wearable Item

CardiacSense’s disruptive technology allows it to turn out medical-grade products. We signed an MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) with a leading semiconductor manufacturer for designing and manufacturing a SOM (System on Module).

heart rate watch


Vital sign measurement capabilities


Easy Integration

Shorten time to market

heart monitor watches

Low Power Consumption

Sub 1 mA


Very Small Form Factor

Smaller than 10*10 mm

Small size (1x1 cm) enables embedding in any wearable: watches, headbands, rings, glasses, hats


For OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) customers who require this technology to enter the medical sector, CardiacSense will license SOMs, if the technology is self-contained, meaning it only has power to provide data.

The SOM will be sold after it gains FDA – clearance. As a result, the path to FDA approval for the whole OEM-developed product is straightforward.

SOM means a System On Module. Meaning that ALL the technological capabilities of CardiacSense watch/band/clip are implemented in one chip. This chip requires power only and it will provide a stream of continuous data to the device he is embedded in.

The SOM will be used by OEMs (Original Equipment Manufactures) that are designing their own wearable devices but do not have MEDICAL Grade vital signs monitoring technology.

Wired to other components according to the specifications that CardiacSense provides.

CE mark is expected in 2024, and will be followed by FDA clearance.

Since the SOM contains ALL the technology required for vital signs monitoring, the path for FDA and CE approvals for the device is pretty much straight forward and should not take much time.

Commercial products will be available in 2024.

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