“Unclip” Your Wings

Cuffless and Continuous Blood Pressure Readings

CardiacSense offers a dedicated clip for continuous and cuffless blood pressure measurement.

The clip is threaded through the CardiacSense watchband and located over the radial artery. Exact placement is specified by the indication LEDs located on the clip.

Non Inflating

Measurement over the wrist

Long Term

Intermittent monitoring


After performing a quick calibration (every four to six months), you are ready to initiate continuous measurement at any time, day or night.

FDA and CE approvals for the CardiacSense blood pressure clip are expected in late 2020.

The clip monitors patient’s absolute blood pressure continuously and without inflating cuff.


The clip is accurate as the in-hospital gold standard which is called Arterial Line. This is an invasive device that is measuring continuous absolute blood pressure. The CardiacSense clip is the only device that gives the same results without being invasive or using a cuff.

CE mark is expected by end of Q1, 2020 and will be followed by FDA clearance.

Absolutely, your physician will get a real-time notification once the watch detects a problem. On top of that, the physician has access to all the raw data that is stored in the cloud application.

The time between charges is 14 days and the charging time is 1 hour.

Absolutely, the clip has an IP68 standard (up to a depth of 5m).

Yes, off course. However, blood pressure measurement is always done only in a still position.

Commercial products will be available in 2021.

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