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The Wristwatch Monitors Heart Conditions and Vital Signs

The CardiacSense watch answers an urgent unmet need: self-monitoring of heart conditions and vital signs.

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vital sign measurement capabilities

heart rate monitors

Long term

Continuous long term monitoring

heart rate monitor watch


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CS System 3 - ReleasedBasicPro
Continous Pulse rate
ECG recordings
Continous A-fib detection
Unlimited event reports
Manually added measurement values
Thresholds configuration
Detailed Event report
Monthly reports
Sleep time tracking
*Some of the features may not yet be available in your region.

Our innovative CardiacSense watch meets the demands of consumers, health and fitness enthusiasts, physicians, and the medical community.

Housed in a beautifully designed watch, and outfitted with the most diverse vital sign measurement capabilities in a single wearable device, the CardiacSense watch provides hassle-free monitoring and delivers greater peace of mind.

The watch can continuously detect Atrial Fibrillation, in the future additional heart arrhythmia such as Tachycardia, Bradycardia, PVCs. PACs, Long QTs, Pause, and Cardiac Arrest detection will be added.

The watch can monitor Heart Rate in medical accuracy, additional vital signs such as continuous Respiratory Rate, Oxygen Saturation, Core Temperature, and Absolute blood pressure will be added in the near future.

This is 24/7 continous monitoring and the ONLY TIME that the patient will not be monitored is when the watch is charged.

No, the watch connects via Bluetooth to the patient’s mobile phone.

The watch is accurate as any ECG based device that the physician will prescribe to you when he/she would like long term monitoring.

The watch has CE Mark since 2021 and FDA clearance was received on January 2023

Absolutely, your physician will get a real-time notification once the watch detects a problem. On top of that, the physician has access to all the raw data that is stored in the cloud application.

The time between charges is 2 days and the charging time is 2 hours.

Absolutely, the watch has an IP68 standard (up to a depth of 5feet).

Absolutely, the watch has an IP67 standard (up to a depth of 1 Meter)

Yes, all  measurements will be uploaded to your cloud file and once a month a detailed report of your conditions will be sent to you over the mail. Additionally all your info can be accessed at any time through our portal by you or the people you provided permission (such as your physician etc.)

Commercial products are available, to find distributor in your country click HERE

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