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10 Most Trusted Heart Care Solution Companies by Insights Care Magazine

October 2022

Xplore Lifestyle to launch CardiacSense, world’s first medical grade watch to detect Afib continously


Official launch event of the CardicSense watch in India with its partner Xplore Lifestyle


CardiacSense’s medical watch monitors heart rate and arrhythmias. Its next project? Preventing the next heart attack



CardiacSense announced that it received the CE Mark for marketing & sales of the CardiacSense medical watch in the European Union


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CardiacSense Medical Grade Watch receives CE Mark for continuous detection of Atrial Fibrillation



A New, Data-Led Era for Cardiology


Patients can now be monitored continuously and extensively at home, reducing hospitalization and saving healthcare expenditure…


Heart Monitoring Made Accurate on the Go


Eldad Shemesh, CardiacSense Funder & CEO on Keeping Time to Market during COVID

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CardiacSense signs $32.4m medical watch Indian deal



בלעדי ל-Techtime: קרדיאק-סנס מייצרת 100 אלף שעונים רפואיים


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Several Telemedicine and Remote-Patient Monitoring Solutions Cutting Through the COVID-19 Clutter


In a time of social distancing and isolation, technology is enabling patients, caregivers, and clinicians to communicate and monitor health remotely.

CardiacSense has developed a wearable for continuously monitoring  vital signs of either inpatients or outpatients.

CardiacSense receives FDA Clearance for Medical Watch

January 6, 2023

CardiacSense was granted FDA clearance for ECG, Beat-by-Beat Heart Rate, and Oxygen Saturation (SpO2)

CardiacSense Medical Grade Watch receives CE Mark for continuous detection of Atrial Fibrillation


The watch will begin shipping in EU as a medical device for continuous…

The CardiacSense medical watch receives the Israeli Ministry of Health’s regulatory approval


This is the first medical wristwatch to receive medical regulatory approval for beat by beat heart rate monitoring and A-Fib detection with ECG accuracy

CardiacSense doubles orders for its wearable medical watch with a $32.4 million contract in India


The agreement was signed with a distributor for the company’s product, which monitors detects fever, respiratory and chronic diseases as well as heart arrhythmias at a uniquely precise level of an ECG device

CadiacSense unveils Its business model towards beginning of sales in 2020


The Company will enable patients to benefit from Cloud-based medical monitoring, on a monthly fee

HSC Partners with CardiacSense for medical-grade wearables


CardiacSense is a leading manufacturer of a range of wearable devices for the continuous monitoring of heart arrhythmias and blood pressure