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CardiacSense aims to lead the field of 24/7/365 monitoring to coordinate medical intervention, reduce hospitalizations, and significantly improve quality of life

Company Profile

Backed by a strong IP portfolio that includes developments in optics, mechanics, and signal processing, CardiacSense has developed a unique, state-of-the-art watch for long-term, continuous monitoring of heart arrhythmias (such as atrial fibrillation or cardiac arrest) and blood pressure. The highly accurate CardiacSense watch is a medical wearable device cleared by FDA and CE Marked.

The CardiacSense watch is an enabler of big data analysis and AI backed healthcare since it provides 24/7/365 monitoring of vital signs.

CardiacSense CEO Eldad Shemesh, a 20-year veteran of the Israeli Air Force, founded the company in 2012. The expert multidisciplinary team at CardiacSense combines years of clinical, technical, and business experience.

Cardiac Sense is backed mostly by private investors and Angel investors.

The company is located in Caesarea, Israel.

*The CE Mark and FDA clearance are for specific features.

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The sophisticated, clinically proven CardiacSense cardiac and blood pressure monitoring device was developed by a team of leading physicians with expertise in electrophysiologists and hemodynamic and engineering experts in optics and electronics.

The level of accuracy of the clinical data that is received from the CardiacSense watch has no equivalent in wearable devices. The CardiacSense watch is a diagnostic device that helps the physician in taking life saving decisions. As such, it can become a leading device in the arsenal of hospitals, home hospitalization services, monitoring centers and nursing homes. If you are a physician, you can allow your patient to be free of the inconvenience of stickers/electrodes-based devices and give him/her the freedom to do his day-to-day activities with no limitations.  CardiacSense solution is a holistic solution that includes the sensors, the user application, the cloud application, and an integration capability to any EMR system.

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